Is Website Design an Expense or an Asset?

The impact of website design on a business's finances depends on the type and extent of the changes. Improvements to an existing website that update content or enhance usability, but not functionality, are considered expenses. This is similar to ongoing repairs and maintenance of a physical asset, such as a building. On the other hand, creating a completely new website or introducing significant new features to an existing one will be classified as capital expenditures.

Generally, the cost incurred for designing, developing, and programming a website is treated as a capital asset. This is also the time when the company can purchase all the necessary hardware to support the website. These purchases will follow existing capitalization policies, will be included in the balance sheet, and will be amortized. To determine if website design is a capital expense or a revenue expense, it is important to understand the terms.

On the other hand, expenses such as accommodation or renewal fees cannot be claimed as advertising content since they are considered normal business expenses. If a company uses a third party to design, develop, create and program the website, it will treat the costs of creating a website in the same way as computer software. A completely new site or the expansion of a new critical utility requires an examination of the expenses incurred in different phases of development. Additionally, you can spend a lot of money on a website with custom-designed graphics and interactive features.A website designed for external access can be used for various purposes such as promoting and advertising products and services of any company, providing electronic services and selling related products and services.

However, improvements to an existing website that update content or improve ease of use, but not functionality, are recurring expenses or expenses at the time they are incurred. Although professionally designed websites come at a cost, you can deduct several of the costs associated with developing the website.

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