What makes a design a bad design?

Bad design is boring Everything about the product was so easy to understand that we didn't have to think. While good design emphasizes making the interaction between product and user as smooth as possible, good design also makes users think. You start the design as you would any other and immediately communicate what the product is and why people should want it. As a web designer, I scrutinize almost every site I visit, which can sometimes be frustrating, but I am inspired by the bad and making sure I don't make the same mistakes.

Thinking about this design in a little more depth, it's likely to be sent as part of a marketing campaign in which a home page (more detailed research shows that it's linked from a different product page) or an email that the visitor sees tells them what the site is about before visiting it. Forget the ugly and very old-fashioned style, which is bad enough in and of itself but not the worst. Parking signs in Los Angeles can be an extreme case, but often designing for mobile applications means facing the same problems. If I have to Google something as simple as that, then the designer hasn't paid due attention to detail.

I found the Yale School of Art website when I was looking for examples of poor design and found exactly what I was looking for. By being inspired by poor design decisions, you'll be doing your part to make the web a better experience. Many companies purposefully design products this way through planned obstinacy, however, I think this is the wrong way to approach product design. Once I had enough experience to know what a good design was, I began to realize how common bad design was.

JioSaavn is probably one of the best-designed online music platforms out there, both in terms of user interface and experience. With 139,420 graduates, the Interaction Design Foundation is the world's largest online design school. I have no doubt that you can see what's wrong with it, but whoever “designed them” clearly thought the least of it. But nothing to worry about, a German industrial designer, Dieter Rams, came up with his idea of good design in the late 70s, called “10 Principles for Good Design”, which is a list of principles to follow when evaluating a design, which is still relevant to designers around the world.

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