Is Website Development a Capital Expenditure?

When it comes to website development, the question of whether it is a capital expenditure (CapEx) or an expense (OpEx) is often asked. The answer to this question depends on the purpose of the website and how it will be used. Generally, if the website is going to play a role in generating revenue for your company in the future, it can be recognized as an “intangible asset” and, therefore, as a CapEx. The creation of a completely new website or the creation of significant new functionality for that website will be included in capital expenditures.

Generally, the cost incurred for creating, designing, developing, and programming a website will be treated as a capital asset. It's also the time when the company can purchase all the hardware needed to support the website. These purchases will follow existing capitalization policies, will be included in the balance sheet and will be amortized.According to the International Accounting Standards Board (through IAS 38 and SIC 3), the different stages of website creation should have a different accounting treatment. The initial planning stage is an expense and is included in the profit and loss account.

The creation of the website must be capitalized as an asset in the balance sheet. Any subsequent updates you make to the content of the website are considered an expense.A completely new site, or the expansion of a new critical utility, requires an examination of the expenses required in the different phases of development. What a company or any brand spends on creating or updating its website is known as website development costs. Since he doesn't sell anything directly from his site, Adam needs to include the costs of developing his website in his profit and loss statement.While professionally designed websites come at a cost, you can deduct several of the costs of developing the website.

Everyone decides the budget and the website development service provider offers a budget for development. All of this requires brief and proper planning and a comprehensive formulated strategy to capitalize on the costs of website development.A website is also developed for internal access that can be used to store company policies, customer details and search for relevant information. The development stage of the application and infrastructure of the website involves the acquisition or development of hardware and software to operate the website. It will treat the costs of creating a website in the same way as computer software if a company uses a third party to design, develop, create and program the website.Before you begin to determine the tax treatment of your website development costs, you should determine what you use your website for.

Depending on the allocations for a particular year, this could result in a full deduction of the costs of developing your website.If the purpose of your website is for customers to buy things through it and make a profit with those items, then the tax treatment of your website development gets a little more complicated. The amount an organization spends on website development costs depends on the total business they can expect from a well-presented website.

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