Is wix worth paying for?

However, it offers excellent value for money thanks to the number of features it includes, making it an ideal choice for anyone looking to scale their website in the long term. However, not all of these features are available on Wix's cheaper e-commerce plan (“Business Basic”) and you'll likely need to upgrade to a “Business Unlimited” or “Business VIP” plan to take full advantage of them. While your Wix website fails, there are always 10 others right behind you who start using Wix to build their dreams, and so the cycle continues. Wix doesn't allow you to access your website's code, change or access CSS files, or export your website to another provider.

The platform doesn't matter, it's just that platforms like Wix tend to make it easier to ignore the details that matter. The only thing I'd see using Wix for is for a company that doesn't want to get anywhere. The templates look professional and are visually appealing, so as long as you fill them out carefully, Wix websites certainly don't have to look like a “do it yourself” creation. Both platforms work similarly to Wix, since they are creators of hosted stores that run on a web browser.

I think it's great for a personal website, etc., but if you want to build a successful business, then you have to choose at least the Shopify ones in this world (although I don't have experience with Shopify, other than that, it seems to provide all the features that I can't find in Wix). But I've been testing example wix web pages and they all look big and the script element is disproportionately large. If you live in the U.S. In the US, you can use the “Wix Owner” mobile app together with a card reader to accept payment for your products at physical locations.

Not all of Wix's main competitors in building websites provide phone support, Squarespace and Jimdo are examples of that, so I applaud Wix for doing so. Wix gives you some options when it comes to configuring versions of your website in different languages, such as subdirectories (for example, I have a premium plan, which means I'm paying the best price for a website, but I can't call anyone on the phone, send text messages, email, or traffic lights) when I have a problem. As you said, Wix can be a good platform if you spend time learning how to implement the elements of SEO.

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